Serra Do Cabral


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    Serra do Cabral, Chapada de Minas, Minas Gerais

    Mango, Milk Chocolate, Sweet Nuts
    Brewing Method
    French Press
    Filter Coffee
    Carbonic Dry
    Yellow Catuaì
    1100 masl
    Farmer name
    Farm name
    Fazenda Ecoagricola
    Age of farm
    since 2006
    Producer type
    Family business
    Harvest year
    Harvest time
    May - September
    Rainforest Alliance certified
    19grams - BLOODY GOOD COFFEE
    About this coffee

    Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer and since the 1970's the country has shifted its focus towards the specialty coffee market, raising the quality of production and, as a result, green coffee. Today, some of the most amazing high grade coffees come from Brazil and more specifically the Minas Gerais region.

    Our filter coffee comes from Fazenda Ecoagricola, the first farm in the Serra do Cabral region and is run by the Flanzer family. The family came from the forestry industry and continue to use their knowledge and experience in the cultivation of coffee as they allow their plants to grow under the shade of the forest canopy. The farm has been awarded by the Rainforest Alliance for progressive methods in fertilization and cultivation without harming nature, as well as awards for their sustainable business concept in managing employees and allowing wildlife to move freely across the plantation.

    For this coffee the Flanzers sued a special natural processing method that is called Carbonic maceration Natural aka ‘Carbonic Dry’. It origins from the wine industry but slowly finds its way to the coffee farming.

    The process involves harvesting on the very ripe cherries and once picked storing them in sealed containers in controlled temperatures for 24-30 hours.

    With the controlled fermentation in a low oxygen environment, the cherries begin to ferment from the inside which imparts intense tropical fruit flavors to the coffees and along with increased body if done correctly. After this process the cherries are moved to water tanks to remove floaters and any foreign objects before being sent to raised beds to dry. During the  drying the cherries are turned several times a day to insure even uniformed drying.

    The result is an exceptional tasting coffee full of those rich classic flavors of Chocolate and hazelnuts that we know and love from Brazilian coffees combined with tropical mango notes and a delicate citric acidity.

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