Kinyovu Honey


Correspond € 55,60 / Kg
incl. VAT,
(delivery time 1 to 4 working days)

    Ruganda District

    Strawberry, Sugar Cane, White Grapes
    Brewing Method
    French Press
    Filter Coffee
    Balanced, light body, fruity
    Red Bourbon
    1700 -1900 m
    Farm name
    Ruganda Processing Station
    Producer type
    Harvest year
    Harvest time
    April - Mai
    Drying time
    18 - 22 days
    19grams - BLOODY GOOD COFFEE
    About this coffee

    Rwanda strikes again with another delightful filter coffee from the Ruganda District. The Red Bourbon coffee cherries grow there at an altitude of 1800masl. Once ripe, they will be hand-picked and carried to the closest washing station. Unfortunately washing stations are rare in Ruganda so the journey can take up to two hours by foot. This effort will be rewarded with a higher price for the green coffee and a bonus for the off season.
    At the washing station the coffee cherries are separated based on ripeness and health. Afterwards the cherries are floated, defected cherries (so-called floaters) will swim on top, this makes them easy to sort out. Only cherries with the right ripeness are processed, in this case with the honey method. The beans are mechanically depulped without water, only a little part of the pulp stays on the beans. This is the honey like mucilage. The beans are then spread out onto pre-drying beds so cherry pulp and visible defects can be removed. 18 hours later the beans are transferred on to drying tables where they are left to dry for 18-22 days. Then the thin parchment layer is removed and the beans are checked for defects three more times. The raw beans are now ready for their journey to our roastery where we test roast them and cup them a few times.  We taste nuances of wild strawberries, white grapes and sweet cane sugar. All in all, a fine filter with a light body, worth to give a try.
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