Guji Uraga


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Uraga, Guji

Jasmine, Mandarin, Passion Fruit, Honey
Brewing Method
French Press
Filter Coffee
An intense, complex and sweet coffeewith tropical notes of passion fruit, honey and jasmine.
Fully washed & Sun dried
Ethiopian Heirloom
Farmer name
Israel Degfa (station owner)
Farm name
Uraga Washing Station
Farm size
some hundred small farmer
Age of farm
founded 2010
Producer type
Cummunity of smallholder farmers
Organic compost
Harvest time
October through January
Soil type
red clay
Shade type
Semi forest, with loads of Kerero, Tikur Enchet, Besena and Berbera trees
Dry mill sorting
by hand
Drying time
10 - 15 days
Wet mill location
About this coffee

This coffee comes from Guji, located in the south of Ethiopia in the Oromia region near the Kenyan border. The overall quality of coffees from this region are exceptional. As Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, there are thousands of different varietals that have naturally evolved over the years that carry very interesting properties that still remain a mystery even today. Ethiopian Heirloom is the cross pollination of these varietals that have occurred naturally over the centuries, as local varietals such as Certo and Wolisho cross pollinate with ancient genetic coffee lines, which are still present today as wild trees.

The volcanic soils in Guji are rich in minerals which are ideal for the demanding Arabica coffee plant. Traditionally, the small scale farmers from Guji live in harmony with nature.
At an altitude of 1750 - 2300m above sea level, the coffee cherries are left to mature in the natural forests surrounding the farmers land, where they are hand-picked and brought to the washing station. There, the coffee beans are carefully processed. The beans are separated from the pulp, fermented for 1-2 days in a basin and then spread out on African drying beds where they are left to dry naturally by the sun. The beans are turned several times a day to allow them to dry evenly. The drying process can take up to 2 weeks. The manner in which the beans are dried has a direct impact on the resulting quality and taste of the coffee.
We have roasted this coffee as an espresso to emphasize its intense and complex fruity aromas. Unique tasting notes of passion fruit, honey and jasmine can be found in this coffee.

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