Costa Rica

Costa Rica
Tarrazù Don Martin Coffee


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    San Pablo de León Cortés

    Cacao, Orange, Dark Chocolate
    Brewing Method
    Fully automatic coffee machine
    French Press
    Filter Coffee
    A clean coffee with aromas of oranges and dark chocolate
    Natural processed, sun dried
    2000 m
    Farmer name
    Don Martin Urena und Olga Jimenez
    Farm name
    Finca La Chumeca
    Age of farm
    + 25 years
    Producer type
    Family Business
    Soil type
    Shade type
    shade grown
    Length of relationship
    + 5 years
    Wet mill location
    on farm
    19grams - BLOODY GOOD COFFEE
    About this coffee

    A clean natural coffee from Finca La Chumeca from the coffee region Tarrazú. The Finca is 2000 masl and only the richest red coffee cherries are harvested and processed here as natural. Don Martin Urena and Olga Jimenez harvest and process one of Costa Rica's best coffees.
    Tarrazu is the most famous coffee region in Costa Rica. Wherever you look there are fields of coffee growing.
    Don Martin Urena comes from a family with nine siblings, all of which have grown up in the coffee fields of the surrounding area. Don Martin, who is 52 years old states that he has been working in coffee for 52 years.
    He met his wife Olga Jimenez on the coffee fields and they have been happily married for 25 years with 3 children.
    A typical day for Don Martin starts at 4:30am with a coffee. He then goes into the coffee fields. At around noon he has a siesta before returning to the coffee fields until the sun goes down at around 6pm when he retires for the day.
    Don Martin claims that during the harvest season he can be processing the natural coffees up until 10pm.
    However at the end of the day, the Urenas are happy with their lives. They are proud of their coffees and their work and would not want to trade with anyone in the world.
    We have gotten to know and love the family and the Finca La Chumeca. The natural coffees that they harvest and process are of absolute quality. Under the sun, a sea of rich red cherries can be seen. From bean to cup, their pride, dedication and their love for coffee make it one of the best coffees in Costa Rica and even Central America.

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