Try the very rare Pink Bourbon Variety!
El Mirador Pink Bourbon
Colombia Rare Coffee
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    Huila - KOLUMBIEN

    Plum, Oolong Tea, Fresh Hops
    Stone Fruit
    Brewing Method
    French Press
    Filter Coffee
    Fine nunaces, well balanced
    Pink Bourbon
    1700 masl
    Farmer name
    Duverney Sánchez
    Farm name
    Finca El Mirador
    Producer type
    Family Business
    Harvest year
    Drying time
    15 days
    About this coffee

    The Pink Bourbon is a natural mutation of the Typica variety. The amount of developed criches on the trees here is higher than on the Typica plant. The cup quality of this variety is particularly sweet.

    The beans of this rare Pink Bourbon variety come from the Huila province in the southwest of Colombia and are cultivated, harvested and processed there with great care by the farmer Duverney Sánchez on the Finca El Mirador. The coffee beans of the Pink Bourbon variety were washed after harvesting. This means that the harvested coffee cherries are first put into large water tanks to sort out coarse dirt and unripe cherries. Then a pulping machine separates the beans from the pulp. The pulped beans ferment in large tanks for about 48 hours, which removes the remaining pulp, known as mucilage. The coffee beans are then fed into large water channels where they are once again rinsed with fresh water and then sorted.

    In the last step, the beans are dried on large tables for 15 days. The meticulous care of the coffee plants is rewarded with an exceptional flavour profile, on which the fermentation has a particular influence.

    El Mirador combines notes of fresh hops and stone fruits. You can taste plums particularly strongly. This is accompanied by a fine, clear body.

    About the farm
    The province of Huila is ideal for the cultivation of Specialty Coffee Arabica plants due to the prevailing climate and the geographical location. The stable subtropical climate with many hours of sunshine and sufficient rainfall. The special altitude creates a microclimate for the coffee plants that further improves the cup quality due to the lower temperatures.
    In addition, the soils provide the optimal nutrients for the coffee varieties.

    The municipality of Acevedo, where Finca El Mirador is located, is strongly influenced by agriculture. The farmers cultivate the land with a mixed crop, growing different vegetables on the fields, but also fruit trees. The land is cultivated in a varied way so that the soil is not deprived of nutrients and can be used economically efficiently.

    This coordinated interaction of the plants does wonders for the quality of the soil and thus also for the taste of the fruit.
    Besides coffee trees, fruits such as bananas, cocoa beans, guavas but also vegetables such as tomatoes, maize and beans grow on Acevedo's farms.