Sidamo Espresso - Segera School Project


Correspond € 51,60 / Kg
incl. VAT,
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    Caramel, Peach, Floral
    Brewing Method
    Fully automatic coffee machine
    Espresso machine
    Clean, floral, bright, juicy
    Ethiopian Heirloom
    2100 m
    Producer type
    Smallholder farms, central washing stations
    Harvest year
    Harvest time
    Nov - Dez
    19grams - BLOODY GOOD COFFEE
    About this coffee

    Our Sidamo Segera School Espresso comes from the province of Sidamo, which, along with Yirgacheffe and Limu, is one of the most important coffee regions in Ethiopia. Generally speaking, washed coffees from Sidamo are characterised by their elegant and very fine sweet and floral aromas and citrus nuances. 

    The farm structure in Ethiopia is mostly smallholder. This means that relatively small plots are farmed by individual families. Due to this there tends to be a lot of knowledge transfer as the farmers are usually organised in cooperatives that run a common washing station where the coffees are washed, dried and packed. This ensures that even the smallest farms have the opportunity to process and sell their coffee.

    We not only choose this coffee for its exceptional flavours, but also to support the special coffee cooperative that has set itself the goal of renovating, expanding and improving a local primary school with the surplus profits in order to give the farmers' children an improved chance for a good future. For this season, the school's floors and walls are on the agenda, along with the purchase of new teaching materials. 

    The variety Ethiopian Heirloom is cultivated between 1,800 and 2,000 masl which gives the coffee its rich acidity and sweetness. Our Segera coffee was hand-picked during the winter harvest and brought to the washing station to be processed between November and January. After washing, drying and further processing it is shipped to us in Germany for us to roast and brew it over the summer. This is a wonderful time because it is really a fine summer coffee. Peach and flowery aromas, underpinned by caramel make this espresso a summer explosion of taste, which tastes delicious as a Flat White and an Americano.