La Siberia Winner of 7 'Cup Of Excellence'
El Salvador Espresso
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    Santa Ana, Apaneca-Illamatepec, Ahuachapán - EL SALVADOR

    Cacao, Plum, Raisin
    Brewing Method
    Fully automatic coffee machine
    Espresso machine
    An intense body with jammy and syrupy texture.
    Anaerobic Natural
    Red Bourbon
    1550 masl
    Farmer name
    Carmen Elena and Rafael Silva
    Farm name
    La Siberia Estate
    Farm size
    28 hectares
    Producer type
    Family Business
    Harvest year
    Harvest time
    Soil type
    Shade type
    shade grown
    Number of varieties planted
    Other varieties planted on farm
    Bourbon and Pacamara. This year we have planted Gesha and SL-28
    Age of plants
    20-30 years old
    COE winner in 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2012. AVPA Bronze Medal 2017
    About this coffee

    About the coffee

    This lot of the red Bourbon Variety from La Siberia Estate has been naturally processed. The beans are naturally processed and afterwards sun-dried. All coffees on La Siberia Estate are manually picked by trained pickers. Picking will be done only in the mornings. After that the cherries will be spread out ova huge plastic canvas and sorted. So only ripe cherries will dry here. For naturals (such as in this lot) the cherries are washed with clean water and moved to the patios for at least two days to let the water drain. To avoid temperature shocks this will be done after 6:30 pm. Due to our mill's elevation of 1500 masl - it's the highest mill in El Salvador(!) - and mild climate, they haven't had any quality problems by doing so. Then the cherries are taken to raised beds, where they stay for up to 35 days being constantly moved by the staff at the mill.

    Carmen Elena and Rafael Silva, leading La Siberia Estate for many years, orientate their work to produce high-quality coffees from the earliest stages of production. On the SCA Scale this coffee scored 87 points while being cupped.


    About the farm

    Finca La Siberia is a small farm of 28 hectares located in Santa Ana Town in Santa Ana Department. Carmen Elena and Rafael Silva produce ca. 550 bags of coffee each year. The farm has been in their family since 1870. Until this year they mostly grew Red Bourbon and Pacamara varietals, in 2019 they also started to grow SL28 and Geisha coffee plants. Since 1870 they have produced several coffees that have scored very high after SCA standards and they had been winning the Cup of Excellence seven times. They also received 3 awards from AVPA Paris for their roasted coffees for two consecutive years. In 2017, their mill San Pedro was named the most environmentally friendly in the country.

    Carmen Elena and Rafael Silva also care deeply for their staff by providing workshops, scholarships and full pensions for those that retire because of old age.

    Read more about the Cup of Excellence and gain a deeper understanding of this specialty coffee quality indicator.

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