La Escondida Laurina Low Caf

Peach, Clementine, White Chocolate

From 14,90
59,60 / Kg


Ripe Fig, Dark Sugars, Dark Chocolate

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39,60 / Kg

Decaf vs. Low-Caf

A discovery that is making more and more waves: Laurina, a variety that naturally contains little caffeine, is becoming increasingly well-known. But what is it all about? Is one "better" than the other?

The difference: A "decaf" or decaffeinated coffee is a type of coffee, which can generally be a normal Arabica (or Robusta) variety, from whose beans the caffeine has been removed after processing in a special procedure. According to the law, a Decaf may contain a maximum of 0.1% caffeine. The Laurina variety is a recently discovered variety, still quite rare, that naturally contains only about 0.7% caffeine. 

Which coffee variety is suitable for me?

We currently offer the decaf version for the espresso drinkers among you, while we roast our La Escondida Laurina for filter coffee preparation. It is no problem to prepare our Decaf as filter coffee. However, we do not recommend preparing the La Escondida Laurina in an espresso machine. For the Decaf fans, we are already working on a filter roast profile of our decaffeinated coffees.