Over the years, Tres Cabezas developed a portfolio of quality coffee beans, gaining deep understanding of the depth and variety of coffee flavours. Professional roasting techniques and qualified barista skills opened up an unlimited field of possibilities in concepting and developing blends to perfection.

Tres Cabezas reputation as one of the most exciting European specialty coffee companies to work for is enhanced by the talented people from around the globe that constantly shape the brand and its products.
In 2014 a new line of products under the name 19grams was launched. 19grams serves as the communication umbrella for B2C activities, fostering four stores in Berlin, including a Coffee Competence Center right in the heart of the city.
With the competency of over 16 years in the business, we now opened our Roastery & Lab under the roof of our latest store named 19grams Alex. With a team of dedicated experts and trainers we established a full-range number of courses and training, ranging from basic barista or Latte Art skills to SCA certified masterclasses.
Check out our portfolio and we are very much looking forward to welcoming in our training centre.



    19grams Coffee Training Center
    Karl-Liebknecht Straße 13
    10178 Berlin

    +49 176 20824394

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