How do we roast at 19grams?
Rich, sweet and clean with ample amounts of süß is what we strive for with every batch of coffee roasted at 19grams. To start, this means sourcing the tastiest coffees we can get our hands on from all over the world. Either from producers who we have been working with for many years or from ethical importers who connect us with farmers who are producing beautiful coffees that we haven’t discovered yet.

The coffees should be rich, clean and sweet and show all the intrinsic qualities of the bean without hiding anything behind roasty notes from the roaster. Balance is an integral part and coffees with naturally high acidity (yes that’s natural in many beans) will be roasted and developed so the sweetness, acidity and body of the coffee is in perfect harmony. We buy coffees we love to drink and think you will too, be it complex and delicate, wild and funky or just a nice sweet cup of chocolate that you just want to drink mug after mug of, it’s basically as simple as that. Well... there’s a little more to it. If you want to know you can keep reading the nitty gritty otherwise, just go sit back, relax and let that cup of coffee do it’s thing.

At 19grams we employ a combination of exceptional roasting skills, thorough roast protocols, intelligent roasting software and hardware, our beautiful new Retro UG22 Probat in matte black (which is a thing of beauty) and a precise quality control program to ensure each batch is as tasty as the last, if not tastier. We are always hoping to improve, using the same tools that allow us to be consistent to also play an integral role in improving our coffee offering. We drink our coffee a lot, like every day, and cup each batch at least once to ensure we are keeping up to standard. On top of this, we have developed a great feedback loop with our barista’s in all four of our cafes. Our 19grams cafes use our coffee every day and keep us in the roastery honest, on our toes and always striving to improve.