Drum roasting

Drum roasting is the oldest and still the most common form of roasting coffee. One of the best known drum roasters is the Probat, in which we roast our coffees in our Roastery on Boxhagener Straße. For classic drum roasting, the temperatures are lower than for hot-air roasting as the coffee spins in a rotating drum, the so-called roasting drum. The walls of this drum are hot and conductive heat is passed on to the coffee beans. Through the continuous rotating roasting drum, the coffee beans are evenly roasted without burning. The temperatures during the roasting vary between 180 and 240 °C.

Roasters write these temperature curves or use computer programs to save these roasting profiles. Thus the roasts can be repeated when the roaster has performed a good job and an optimal roasting curve has been created. This is called production roasting. Depending on the desired degree of roasting, roasting with the drum roaster takes between 9 and 15 minutes. Afterwards, the coffee has to be cooled as quickly as possible so that it can not continue to roast due to the heat absorbed. For this purpose, a drum roaster has a very large cooling tray on which the coffee is rotated at room temperature.