Here are some helpful tips to brewing great filter coffee at home with a pour over

The perfect and easiest way to a delicious filter coffee

Coffee: 16g of medium to course coffee. Freshly ground coffee is always recommended!

Water: 250g of filtered water at roughly 95 °C (plus a little extra to wet filter paper).

Wet filter paper with a small amount of your brewing water.  This will also warm up the vessel that will contain your brewed coffee. Remove excess water from vessel. Pour the ground coffee into the center of the V60, then pour 50g of your preheated filter water on top of the ground coffee making sure all the coffee is wet and let it soak  for 30 seconds. This is called the bloom.

At 30 seconds add additional 50g of hot filtered water. Repeat this step every 30 seconds. 

The last pour of 50g of water is at 2 minutes. Make sure you are always pouring on the coffee bed and not on the paper filter to avoid bypass.

As soon as the water disappears from the top of the coffee bed, remove the V60 from the top of the vessel.

Your total brew time should take roughly 2 minutes 30 seconds.

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