Finding dose for a filter coffee

When discussing dose we talk about the amount of ground coffee used to make a brew. This, like yield is measured in grams rather than volume to enable us to get a more realistic measurement of the coffee.

As a basic rule, when dosing for filter coffee you should use a ratio of 1:16. Thus, if you want to brew a coffee that yields 1L then you need to be dosing 62.5g on a coarse grind setting (as discussed in 'The Right Grind Size For Your Coffee’). With this brew ratio you are now able to alter your dose to any cup size. EG 350g yield requires a 21.9 gram dose. If you are finding your brew too strong using this ratio simply reduce the dose by roughly 5g while keeping the yield constant or vice versa for a brew that is too weak.
Of course, other components such as extraction time, pressure, temperature and roasting play a role in determining dose. It’s important to experiment with your coffee, changing only one variable at a time to find the best recipe for you and your brew.