Coffee Set for Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Coffee Set for Fully Automatic Coffee Machine


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    Coffee Set for Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

    19grams - BLOODY GOOD COFFEE
    Our 19grams Tasting Set includes three exceptional coffees that are all perfectly suited for any Fully Automatic Coffee Machine, whether it's a home machine or the one you (used to) use in the office.

    Do you love the concept, flavor and feeling you get from drinking a delicious coffee from your favorite specialty café, but at the same time love the simplicity of preparing coffee from a fully automatic coffee machine?

    We’ve got you sorted! After a number of tests, our roasters have carefully developed a roast profile specifically for the Fully Automatic Coffee Machine so that you can continue to drink amazing coffee from your favorite bean to cup machine.  This roast profile compliments the coffee extraction achieved from a Fully Automatic Coffee Machine as they work hand in hand to give a balanced, full-bodied and aromatic cuppa, whether it’s espresso based or cafe creme.

    Our set includes three delicious coffees from three different origins:

    Costa Rica Endless Summer - 250g
    Our espresso from Costa Rica comes from the popular coffee region of Tarrazù and has been processed as ‘washed’ with flavors of sweet cane sugar, ripe melon and dark cocoa.

    India Little Flower Espresso - 250g
    This low acidic espresso is full-bodied with aromas of marzipan and sweet fruits, it contains notes of hazelnut and cocoa.

    Brazil Italo Disco Espresso - 250g
    The beans in our Italo Disco come from Brazil and with flavor of sweet caramel, ripe cherry and dark chocolate it’s like a party in your mouth!

    19grams Coffee Tasting Set is full in flavor, easy preparation and no compromises.

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