Christmas Coffee + Gingerbread
Christmas Coffee + Gingerbread
19grams meets Pfeffer&Frost
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Christmas Coffee + Gingerbread
19grams meets Pfeffer&Frost

We thought what is better than coffee? Right, when the coffee comes with something sweet. So for this years' Christmas, 19grams Coffee is paired with Pfeffer & Frost Lebkuchen. Enjoy your Christmas Coffee from Hacienda Sonora, Costa Rica with a real "Lebkuchen" from Nuremberg. This a completely sustainable bundle: plastic free Gingerbread from the Capital of Lebkuchen with our reusable aluminium tin of our Christmas Coffee. The perfect gift!

We decided on Sonora L9 for our Christmas Coffee. The Hacienda Sonora is a 100% green and sustainable farm in Costa Ricas Central Valley, located in 

The Christmas Coffee comes from Costa Rica again this year. This L9 variety comes from the Hacienda Sonora and grows at an altitude of 1300 masl. The cherries of our Christmas coffee are processed 'natural', which means that after harvesting, the fully ripe coffee cherries are spread out on the patio together with their skin, dried by the sun and then sculptured. During this process, the coffee beans absorb the full fruit sweetness of the coffee cherry. In the cup, it develops sweet notes of caramel fudge, which combine perfectly with the fine acids of the red plum. Its velvety texture complements the chocolaty aftertaste of this great coffee.

You will taste delicate flavour notes of Caramel and Cherry, with Schokolade and a hint of Orange in the Cup.

Teaming up with the bakers and makers of Pfeffer&Frost in Nuremberg, we found a great partner with an awesome product: We our happy to make you taste these Elisenlebkuchen, hand made from almonds and nuts, containing only 5% flour. The beautiful box comes in a stunning design, made for kids and big kids! The packaging is made from recycled paper but can also be re-used to contain whatever you like. Find the ingredients here.

Pfeffer&Frost is a start-up from Nuremberg, which has made it its goal to pack and distribute traditional Elisen gingerbread in a high-quality, plastic-free way. This fits exactly to our approach of sustainability!

Read more about the baking of on the Pfeffer&Frost Website.