Espresso Roasts Sample Box
Five Choices of best Espresso
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    Espresso Roasts Sample Box
    Five Choices of best Espresso
    Brewing Method
    Fully automatic coffee machine
    Espresso machine

    Dive into the world of Specialty Coffee and test yourself through our different espresso roasts. In this set, we put together for you five amazing espresso roasts that showcase the vast range of Specialty Coffee. It was never easier to gain access to the best espresso coffees. 

    This espresso test set is incredibly exciting for proud owners of fully automatic machines because specialty coffee and fully automatic machines go very well together! Try this set to find out more about our espresso classics: 

    Italo Disco - dark espresso roasting

    With this espresso, you will bring home the taste of your last holiday in Italy. These Arabica beans from the Fazenda Sertão in Brazil come out clear and delicate with a powerful punch of dark chocolate, paired with subtle fruity aromas of cherry jam and caramel.

    Endless Summer - Costa Rica

    The Endless Summer Espresso comes from Tarrazù, Costa Rica. It is slightly darker roasted and thus optimally adapts to preparation in fully automatic machines. In the cup, it develops warm and strong cocoa nuances with aromas of melon and sweet cane sugar for your perfect coffee experience. Perfect for the fully automatic coffee maker too!

    Little Flower - Espresso from India

    This coffee from India is roasted particularly gently and is therefore very low in acidity. Nevertheless, it has a strong, full body. You can taste notes of almond marzipan, sweet fruit, hazelnut and cocoa.

    Orang Utan coffee - Sumatra

    Our Orang Utan coffee with hazelnut and chocolate flavours comes from an environmental project to preserve the rainforest. The excellent Sumatran Orang-Utan coffee with nutty flavours and a strong body stands out for its mild acidity. We freshly roast the coffee. 

    Espresso of the month

    Let the Roasters Choice surprise you. Every month, our roasters select an espresso for you, which stands out for its unique characteristics. Look forward to discovering the world of specialty coffee!

    The perfect coffee gift for espresso lovers and beginners!

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