Welcome to the 19grams Specialty Coffee World!
Our Concept

A 19grams Café can be found in 4 different Kiez around Berlin. Our original Café was founded in Friedrichshain in 2002 on Boxhagener Straße as the Tres Cabezas Café. For our regulars, it is an institution that has and continues to offer high grade Specialty Coffee with a bakery out the back serving freshly baked cakes and pastries daily. The overall atmosphere at the Café is friendly and warm and for the locals it's a home away from home.

We also have Café located on Schlesische Straße, Chaussee Straße and Karl-Liebknecht Straße where our Roastery is also located. These Cafés offer a more diverse menu to include seasonal brunch items as well as Bloody Good Coffee and freshly baked goods - hand made by the 19grams Bakery in Friedrichshain. Our spaces are bright but warm, spacious but inviting, with our focus on offering great customer service and top quality food and beverage options.

In these wild Covid-19-times we miss our regulars and we're looking forward to the day we can welcome you back into our Cafés and provide you with a great overall experience!

Are you still loyal?

We love you and we are every day very grateful for our truly loyal customer base. And here comes the but: We would love you to explore other options, you know, have new experiences! So next time you’re visiting your dependable, everyday 19grams Café pick up one of our new Disloyalty Cards. It's super fun and And this is how it works:

Get your Disloyalty Card in your favourite 19grams Café. Get the first pin into your card. Find out where other 19grams Cafés are (choose your new favourite above), get pins in each of our Cafés and enjoy a truly new Café exerience. After collecting pins from all four Cafés we will invite you for a free coffee! 

You know, being disloyal with 19grams pays off.