Meet the Team | Seth from the Roasting Team

Seth joined the Team in August 2020 and supports since then the roasters At the end of each week he will turn into our delivery driver and make his round through the Cafés in Berlin that also serve Bloody Good Coffee. If you see him on his way, say hi!

How did you start in Specialty Coffee?
I started working at cafe's when I was younger and slowly started meeting roasters. The science of roasting and the ethics regarding coffee sourcing peaked my interest.

What was your favourite cup of coffee that you’ve ever drunk?
That would be the first cup of coffee I ever drank. Given to me by my Grandma.

What is your favourite brewing method?
I like all brewing methods for different reasons. They all bring out something different and interesting in each cup.

What is your go to brewing method on the weekend?
These days I use French Press. To me it's the easiest and on weekends I'm lazy.

What’s been your biggest revelation about the coffee industry since you started working in it?
When I learned how to properly score during cuppings. It really helped me organize my Brain.

Are you already in the job you aimed for in Specialty Coffee or which job would you want to have/try out in the future?
The goal was always to roast. I did it. I'm happy.

Do you have a preferred coffee origin? Is there one country that you drink a lot of coffees from?
It changes frequently but I have soft spots for Peru, Guatemala, Burundi, and Papua New Guinea.

Do you prefer a certain processing method and / or varietal? If so, which one?
Im partial to washed, but the newer fermentation methods like lactics and anaerobic are always fun.

On average, how many cups of coffee do you drink in a day?
Equally, not enough and too much.

Which is your favourite 19grams coffee at the moment?
Finca la Peña.

Have you ever been to Origin? If so, what was your favourite country?
If not, where would be first on your list?
Unfortunately I have never been to Origin. I'm interested in going anywhere.

Are you a filter or espresso kinda guy/gal?
Filter Girl for sure.

What’s your star sign?
Probably a neon or a stop sign.

How long have you been living in Berlin?
Coming close to a couple years.

Where are you from?
Not Europe.

What’s your favourite part about the Specialty coffee industry?
The people.

Is there a fact about Specialty Coffee that blew your mind?
The story of the Noble Tree.

What should we have asked you?
"What is your favorite dance move and why is it the electric boogaloo?"

What are you doing at 19grams? Describe your job in one sentence.
Roaster guy and van man.

What’s your personal Pour Over recipe? Would you share it here, please?
Whatever Mars tells me.

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