Meet the Team | Seda from our Sales Department

Meet Seda from our Sales Department

Seda has joined us in March 2021. Meet her and learn about why she is fascinated by Coffee and her approach.

Coffee or Tea?
C O F F E E !

Favourite Food:
Chick peas with Beef (turkish dish)

Where are you from?
Turkey & Germany

What’s your star sign?

What are you doing at 19grams? Describe your job in one sentence.
Making offices a better place with our bloody good coffee :)

When and why did you start working in Coffee?
I worked in cafés on and off since I was 16 years old.

What’s your favourite part about the specialty coffee industry so far?
The unbelievable variety in taste of coffee and the whole story behind each bean.

Do you have any typical coffee brewing recipe in your family you would like to share?
Our special family recipe is the Turkish Mokka: For one cup of Turkish Mokka you, first of all, need a special pot called "cezve" in Turkish. Measure one cup of cold water with 2 teaspoons of very finest ground coffee. Mix well, and then place the coffee pot on low heat and slowly bring it to a boil. The slower the coffee is cooked, the more delicious it will be. Spoon over the first layer of foam into your coffee cup, and after boiling the rest of the coffee, add it all to the cup -including the ground coffee at the bottom. I personally enjoy my Turkish Mokka without sugar. - Just please don't drink the grounds at the bottom of the cup ;)

How many coffees did you drink yesterday?
3 Flat Whites

Are you a filter or espresso kinda gal?
filter kinda gaaaal

What is your favourite coffee at the moment?
Finca La Toma - Columbian Geisha

What is your go to brewing method on the weekend/ at home?
El classico: V60

Do you brew at home or take advantage of the equipment at work?
I enjoy to play around with the espressomachines at work to improve my latte art.

What’s been your biggest revelation about the coffee industry since you started working in it?
The fact that coffee is roasted that fast! I always thought it takes hours and was so surprised when I learned, that it is less than 15 minutes 😃

Have you ever been to Origin? If so, what was your favourite country?
If not, where would be first on your list?
I fell in love with the coffee plant itself on a boutique coffee ranch in Costa Rica I stayed back in 2018. There I learned so much about the gourmet sun-dried, hand-milled beans and the natural drying process.

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