Meet the Team | Mars from our Roasting Team

Meet the Team | Mars from our Roasting Team

Do you know Mars? She has joined our team 4 years ago as a Barista and quickly became the Shop Manager at our 19grams Schlesi Café. 
For two years she is part of our roasting team now. Taking care of roasting (obviously), Quality Control, organising our internal Team Cuppings, coffee packing and so much more. Read about her and her ideas and inspiration in specialty coffee and get her personal brewing recipe for her Fellow Stagg.
Are you a filter or espresso kinda gal?

What’s your star sign? 

How long have you been living in Berlin? 
Almost 4 years

Where are you from? 
Hong Kong

How did you start in Specialty Coffee?
I was at a bottleneck of my life, figured that I had to change my career and do something that I actually love. Coffee has always been special in my heart, despite I didn't even know how to make a coffee at that point. Then I decided to look for a job in a cafe. I was lucky enough to be hired by a specialty coffee cafe even though I didn't have any coffee background.

What was your favourite cup of coffee that you’ve ever drunk?
Ah.. this is really hard. I have a few favourites. The soy cappuccino that I used to drink every morning before I started working, the first ever washed Ethiopian filter coffee I had, first time trying a Sudan Rume.

What is your favourite brewing method?
All kinds of pourovers.

What is your go to brewing method on the weekend?
V60, and I use cloth filter at home. Love the coffee brewed with a cloth filter, and it reduces waste.

What’s been your biggest revelation about the coffee industry since you started working in it?
No one knows everything about coffee. We all still have a lot to learn.

Are you already in the job you aimed for in Specialty Coffee or which job would you want to have/try out in the future?
I would like to explore areas that I've only touched briefly like Q-grading or never touched so far, like green buying, competition jury, etc., when I'm good enough. ;)

Do you have a preferred coffee origin? Is there one country that you drink a lot of coffees from?
I love Ethiopians, but I also like to have the diversity for different flavours, so I don't drink just from one origin. I also like Guatemalans, Colombians, Rwandans, Mexicans, Kenyans, and many more!

Do you prefer a certain processing method and / or varietal? If so, which one?
I like washed coffees and not overly funky naturals. Bourbon for me is usually the safe and nice choice.

On average how many cups of coffee do you drink in a day?
I really don't know to be honest.I don't really drink a full cup of coffee normally. At work we usually brew many coffees throughout the day and share with the team, I would have a bit of every brew, so basically sipping coffee non-stop during the day. Plus we cup a lot!! Some days a full day of cupping.

Which is your favourite 19grams coffee at the moment?
Colombia La Toma Geisha

Have you ever been to Origin? If so, what was your favourite country?
If not, where would be first on your list?
No I haven't, would love to go. That was the plan last year but unfortunately it didn't happen due to Covid-19. Peru would probably be my first choice as the beautiful scenery with the coffee they offer would make it a lovely trip. 
What’s your favourite part about the specialty coffee industry? 
It is a community with lots of coffee lovers and enthusiasts, people who are actually passionate in their jobs.

Is there a fact about Specialty Coffee that is super important to you? 
The enormous amount of effort and love put in along the line to produce a delicious cup of coffee, from farmers, importer/exporters, roasters to baristas. Every role is very important.

When and Why did you start working in Coffee? 
5 years ago when I just wanted to learn how to make a coffee. I then fell into this bottomless black hole of coffee knowledge.

What should we have asked you? 
What do you think about commercial coffees? / What's your favourite part of your job?

What are you doing at 19grams? Describe your job in one sentence.
I sticker, pack, roast and cup.

What’s your personal Fellow Stagg recipe? Would you share it here, please?
Dose: 24g, Water: 97c/360ml, coarsely grind, bloom for 35s, 4 pours, finished at around 3:30. I use this for 19grams' filter roast coffees.