Meet the Team | Aliyah from the Online Department

Latte Art or Latte Macchiato?
Art! It still makes me smile every time :)

Favourite Food:
Sushi or a cheese board

Where are you from?
The east coast of South Africa

What should nobody know about you?
I still drink instant coffee when I go camping, and sometimes even at home because it tastes like camping.

What are you doing at 19grams? Describe your job in one sentence.
I'm one of the e-commerce managers working behind the scenes with the web-content, communications and other bits of creativity - there are always so many exciting things to do and it is an amazing portal into learning more about the world of coffee!

Is this where you see yourself in 10 years time?
No, I hope I'll be off sailing somewhere or set up with a little cafe in France, but I'm definitely thankful for the experience and am stoked that I'm here right now!

Are you a filter or espresso kinda gal?
It depends on the day and the mood, but I do love a good filter.

You have worked as a Barista before - what was the least favourite Coffee drink to make?
A cafe crema...eugh.

How many coffees did you drink today?
Hopefullyyy only three.

Do you brew at home or take advantage of the equipment at work?
A bit of both, but it is thee biggest perk to work at the roastery with a constant source of such amazing coffee and brewing equipment.

What’s been your biggest revelation about the coffee industry since you started working in it?
How important it is to do research to know where your coffee is coming from and the full story behind it, without turning a blind eye on how it's impacting people and the environment. I think it tastes even better when it has a good story, and when it's roasted by people who really care about coffee and the farms / workers behind the beans.

Do you prefer a certain processing method and / or varietal? If so, which one?
There are many coffees still to be had before I decide on a solid preference, but lately I've been really enjoying exploring the Geishas.

What should we have asked you?
What my favourite part about 19grams is, besides the coffee, and I'd definitely say the people. I genuinely think that we have the coolest team!

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