1Zpresso vs. Comandante

1Zpresso vs. Comandante

1Z JX Pro is my go to grinder for pour over coffee for the last 8 months, from the design, how it feels in the hand, grind quality, speed and adjusting options (94 steps to adjust the grind which is crazy), handle for the grinding, capacity - its all top notch! After all this time only 1 flaw emerged: regularly some coffee beans get trapped on the adjustment ring. It's an easy problem to solve. Despite that little hiccup it would be to my standards perfect hand grinder for both home and professional use.

It was after a grinder swap with my coffee buddy @audiosl4ve, that I appreciated even more my 1Z h JX Pro. The Comandante C40 Grinder has been on my wishlist for a long time. My friend @audiosl4ve - who is lucky to have a Comandante Grinder - kindly enough lend it to me in exchange for my @1zpresso JX Pro. Please note that I am writing this "review" as MY personal experience, yours may be different and that's cool! We are all different and like some stuff better than others :)

Prior to the swap, I was using my JX for a few months. The first thing that shocked me was the cheapish feel of the Comandante when you hold it, the grinder handle doesn't fit the body perfectly and it's kinda wobbly. This is something I've noticed because I haven't experienced this feeling on my JX Pro.

Grinding is a bit slower and it isn't that "joyful" when I compare them as well. The JX is faster and the process of grinding is more enjoyable.

The occuring static on the Comandante is really a huge problem for me: when using the glass bottom part, I had to swipe the container with my finger everytime in order to collect an additional 1 gram of ground coffee (19grams Tipp: add just a drop of water to your coffee beans and there will not be any static).

In comparison, the brews tasted a bit dry using the same method that I'm usually using on my JX. When I changed the method, I still wasn't hitting those notes that I would with JX. I assume that is because of finer particles produced by Comandante.

Adjusting the grinder also sounded clicky (well - they call it Klicks ;) ) and felt cheap. I have to admit that for a German made product, this sure lacks that premium feel to it - especially given how much it costs.

The Comandante was first and they built a really big community and it's great to share the recipes and to have an exact grinding size as your other coffee fellows, but while using Comandante for 2 weeks I was only looking forward to get my JX Pro back. Maybe it's time for Comandante to look at what their competitors are doing and try to step up their game a bit :)

@audiosl4ve had this experience to share after the swap of the grinders if you are interested to include it in the blog post: "First time using some other high-end grinder and I must say I am too disappointed with Comandante. Always considered him to be the best but now I just can't say that. Quality is really not on point compared to JX Pro. Comandante feels "chep" and clunky with lots of squeaking parts. Also lots of static issues, much higher rate of fine grounds and overall worse grinding experience on Comandante is quite bad honestly. JX Pro was a delight to use and feel in hands. Built like a tank, grinding is super easy, fast and coffee tastes wonderful. Only thing I disliked about JX Pro is the clunky hole dosing coffee and that coffee container opens while grinding due to low friction of two metals. Overall I’d trade my Comandante for JX Pro right away… or I already am...or I will...who knows... :)"