Kaffeeplantage Jemen

Jemen | Africa

Coffee is still cultivated in Yemen using traditional methods that have been tried and tested for centuries. Cultivation takes place at altitudes of 2,000 to 2,500 meters, as 70% of Yemen consists of desert. The extremely dry climate and limited water resources make cultivation even more difficult. Since the farmers also lack the money for fertilizers and other chemical agents, coffee cultivation here is organic in almost all cases.

Yemen is home to some of the most exceptional Arabica varieties in the world. They have a light body with a spicy, strong aroma. The pronounced, fruity acidity is followed by a pleasantly chocolaty aftertaste. In particular, the distinct spiciness is characteristic of Yemeni coffee. Visually, the beans also differ from the conventional variety: similar to the Peaberry they are smaller and rounder in shape.