Weird and wonderful
The Aeropress is a weird and wonderful piece of equipment made by the inventors of the Frisbee, but what we really love most about it is that it is very difficult to mess up a brew, along with being (almost) indestructible and perfect for travel it’s a perfect brewing devise to have in your arsenal
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Unlike a lot of other brewing devices on the market, the Aeropress is so versatile that you can use almost any combination of grind, brew ratio, contact time and water temperature to create something unique and tasty.
For inspiration you can even check out previous winning recipes from the World Aeropress Championships online to see what other professionals have used.
Aeropress Brew guide
Ingredients & targets

19g of your favorite 19grams filter coffee.

200g (or ml) of filtered water or bottled water with a ppm (parts per million) of less than 150 (Spree Quell, Volic or Lausitzer are good brands).
You can also use tap water but be aware, you will lose a lot of the sweet fruit notes in the coffee.

Tools you need
You may like

Aeropress Filter papers
Digital scale
Kettle or urn
Carafe for decanting
Brewing Method (inverted)
1. Bring your kettle to the boil, then wait 30-60 seconds to achieve roughly 96 degree Celsius water.

2. Insert filter paper into Aeropress lid, rinse thoroughly.

3. Attach the rubber stopper with about 1 cm to spare on to the base leaving the lid and filter off for now.

4. Invert the Aeropress so the rubber stopper is facing upwards allowing you to pour both coffee grounds and water into the Aeropress without any worries of leaks or spillages.

6. Grind 19g of coffee on a medium coarseness.

7. Place your Aeropress on your scale, add the ground coffee and tare.

8. Pour 200g of 96 °C brewing water into Aeropress and start the timer.
9. Stir thoroughly for 5 seconds to ensure all the coffee grounds are wet.

10. Put the lid (and filter) on tight  and squeeze out any air bubbles.

11. At 1 minute 30 seconds place the carafe/cup on top of the Aeropress and flip the device while hold the device and Aeropress together. Plunge the filter coffee into your cup. This should take 15-30 seconds.

13. Plunge all the way down until you hear lots of hissing noises.

14. Remove the cap on the Aeropress and pop the puck out into your compost bin!

15. Rinse Aeropress.

16. Finally, dilute the Aeropress to your preferred strength. For filter coffee strength, add up to 100g of water, but if you’d like something stronger just add less water.

Enjoy !!!