We are always looking for all-rounders that enjoy working in a team environment and show initiative and are eager to learn. As a company that is expanding, we are looking for Baristas that is ambitious and open to opportunities that allow us to grow together in a city where coffee is thriving. We do not have any open job opportunities at the moment. But we appreciate you reaching out, that way as soon as the current corona restrictions allow it, we will lift off! 
Get in touch with us via jobs@19grams.coffee
Meet the team!

We celebrate the Specialty Coffee with all that comes with it. For us, 19grams is not only a working place. But a family of people that have been working together for quite some time. We love sharing our knowledge and all what comes with it because that's the spirit! Cuppings, Workshops, Competitions and of course some good Coffee Talks over a beer or two. We learn from each other everyday.

Our Team is super international - from all across the globe! Barista, Specialty Coffee Experts and Enthusiasts from Oceania, America, Asia and Europe have gathered to make BLOODY GOOD COFFEE!