19grams - Schlesische Straße

    Schlesische Straße 38
    10997 Berlin
    Tel: 030/52669796

    Opening hours:

    Mo - Fr  8:00 - 18:00
    Sa - So  9:00 - 18:00

    Check our current menu here.

    In our 19grams Schlesi Café we do not only serve fresh roasted coffee and homemade baked goods but also a eclectic brunch menu. The best way to enjoy the surrounding Wrangelkiez is with a cup of filter coffee of the month in one hand and a slice of freshly baked cake in the other. Doesn’t matter if you choose to sit inside or outside, this café will make you stay for a while to appreciate the beauty in life.

    You can purchase all our coffees in the store, either as whole beans or freshly ground. You will find our beloved Espresso blend Wild at Heart on the shelf as well as monthly changing coffees recommended by our roast team.
    Try our coffee also at home. Recommended for you:
    Wild At Heart

    Caramel, Strawberry, Chocolate

    From 9,90
    39,60 / Kg

    Hacienda Sonora SL 28

    Raspberry, Guava, Nectarine

    From 15,90
    63,60 / Kg

    Italo Disco

    Caramel, Cherry, Dark Chocolate

    From 10,90
    43,60 / Kg